Retain, recruit, & reskill talent with our Learning Benefits Platform.

Workback is a learning benefit platform allowing companies to optimize investments in digital skills training, upskilling, and reskilling L&D programs. Employees get a digital wallet with learning funds, and are empowered to discover their own courses and career pathways. The platform helps company leaders save time and cut costs, while improving employee retention and engagement.

Workback - Learning Analytics Platform

Platform Features

Workback's platform lets L&D managers and Executives to optimize their L&D investments across the organization, with features to optimize upskilling and reskilling programs.

Our platform doesn't include the cost of courses - Workback sits "on top" of existing learning vendors, to allow executives to understand overall spending and impact of L&D programs.

Features for HR and Managers:
+ Customize Learning benefit policies
+ Pre-approve courses - employees can request any course
+ Approve employee reimbursements
+ Automate enrollment and utilization reminders
+ Manage Learning Provider vendor spend
+ Track Return on investment

Features for Employees:
+ Enroll in Learning Benefits
+ Develop personalized learning plan
+ Get reimbursements
+ Speak with an upskilling counselor
+ Integrates with Manager feedback 

Workback - Learning as a benefit platform

Reimburse employees for upskilling with any provider

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How does it work?

1. Company Leaders set up the Learning Benefit policy and allocate learning budgets

2. Employees enroll to find courses, get coaching, and set up a learning plan

3. Employees complete upskilling and seamlessly get reimbursed - no hassle, no stress 😄

Company leaders use Workback to track ROI, vendor spending, and impact

Positive Return On Investment For Learning Benefits

Build a competitive advantage

Companies who invest in learning benefits find a reported $2.84 per $1.00 invested in learning and upskilling, with reduced reliance on recruiters.

Retain and attract top talent

Employees who upskiill stay with companies for an average of 18 months longer than those who do not receive learning benefits.

Improve employee experience

Apprentices stay 35% longer than traditional hires and grow into your future leaders.

Partnering with 2U to offer Harvard and MIT short courses

Workback partners with 2U and edX to offer top University short courses, certifications, and Executive Education programs from 40+ Universities, designed to maximize impact per dollar spent on upskilling. Workback provides exclusive discounts up to 20% off all courses.

Connecting Top Talent with Tech companies for digital reskilling

The Grow with Google team, part of Google, provides early career talent with analytics, Product, and UX training programs to help early career talent to hone their skills with training relevant for top tech companies.


Our pricing is transparent and based on utilization of this optional benefit for employees.



Per employee per month

+ Learning Wallet
+ Vetted learning catalog
+ Basic course suggestions
+ Reimbursement Management



Per employee per month

Includes Basic plan plus: 
+ Monthly Upskilling consultation
+ Personalized Learning Plan
+ ROI analytics & Skills reporting

Are you an employee wanting to learn new digital skills? 

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Are you a job seeker, who has recently upskilled? 

Workback supports our employer partners to offer 6 month full time apprenticeships, which offer recently upskilled talent to learn on the job with continued learning and growth.

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