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software engineering.

Apprenticeships Designed for Rising Tech Talent

Workback is the best way for motivated, highly trained technical talent to launch a career after bootcamps and upskilling. Workback's Apprenticeship experience accelerates early careers through on the job experiences, coaching, courses, and community.

Apprenticeships for in-demand skills

Our talent comes from top technical bootcamps with verifiable skills including:

Software Engineering

Front end, back end, and full stack focused graduates of 400+ hour bootcamps, with skills verification, code tests, sample projects, and behavioral interviews included before you meet candidates.

Data Analytics

Data and statistics experts with certifications from top programs including Columbia Engineering, Boston University, and NYU.

Product Management

Curious, thoughtful, user-centered, and digitally savvy practitioners with a verifiable set of hard skills, plus the soft skills and work samples you need to understand a fit.

Top Apprentices Seeking On The Job Experiences

Our Apprentices have completed an average of 500+ hours of bootcamp training, rigorous vetting, and have performed in the top 10% of all candidates in technical skills.


Analytics & Data Science

Completed Columbia Engineering Data Science Certificate with 4 years of financial services industry experience.


Junior Software Engineer

Completed a 400 hour Full Stack Development Certificate from Flatiron School with 4 years work experience in Customer Success.


Full Stack Developer

Completed 500 hour Full Stack Development Certificate from Flatiron School, with 8 years professional experience in Operations and Supply Chain.

Applications are open for the Junior Full Stack Software Engineering cohort starting in late February 2022.

Full time program.
Must be authorized to work in the US or Canada.
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Employer Benefits

Access a scalable pipeline for underrepresented talent

74% of Workback Apprentices come from underrepresented backgrounds.
The number of coding and data bootcamps has grown 1,047% in the last five years - tap into the digital talent pipeline of the future

Grow your digital workforce of the future

By 2030, the global technical talent shortage is predicted to reach 85 million workers.
Reduce reliance on recruiters and start growing your digital workforce of the future

Improve employee retention

Apprentices reciprocate your investment in them with a commitment to grow with your organization
Apprentices stay 35% longer than traditional hires and grow into your future leaders.

Graduates from Top Programs Including:

Enabling 2U Bootcamp Talent on a National Scale

"There are millions more tech jobs than workers to fill them, and employers need talent with digital skills to grow their business. 2U-powered boot camps are developed with a data-driven approach in partnership with world-class universities and employers." - 2U Executive Team

Placing Google Certificate Holders

The Grow with Google team refers their graduates to Workback for support with Apprenticeship placements and on the job experiences

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Workback supports your business and talent teams to launch successful early career programs, while giving Apprentices the support, training, and coaching they need to succeed. Get in touch to learn how Workback can help with your hiring and DEI goals.

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How It Works



Apprentices apply and are vetted through a rigorous 5-step application process including technical assessments, resume reviews, certification checks, coding tests, behavioral interviews, and technical work samples


Matchmaking & Demo Day

Workback matches Apprentices to host companies to schedule 'demo days' to meet hand-matched individuals, get to know them, and make final selections for the next cohort.


On the Job Experiences

Hiring teams provide a junior level job,  stipend, and assign a manager-mentor to the Apprentice. The program is set up for Apprentices to pursue on the job experiences and work on real projects with a real team, while taking supplemental courses from Workback 8-10 hours per week.


Supplemental Training & Coaching

Workback supports the Apprentice's growth and supplements their on the job experiences through a unique combination of coaching, courses, and community.

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Workback Apprentices are the best way to build your long term talent pipeline, and reduce reliance on recruiters.

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