We're on a mission to launch the next generation of digital talent

Rethinking Employer Funded Education

Workback is designed to employers to engage and retain high performers while also offering self-guided upskilling benefits to staff

Closing The Skills Gap

Workback helps companies to accelerate their upskilling and reskilling goals with a turnkey way to activate employee led upskilling, in a manner which ties directly to employee career paths

Making Upskilling Easier

Upskilling and technical education is complex - there are thousands of learning providers out there. Workback makes it easy for companies to work with many learning providers in a simple, aggregated layer.

Cofounders Story

Workback was founded by Chris Kluesener and Jonathan Sobin, who met during their MBA in 2013. Together, they're on a mission to make upskilling easier, to help launch the next generation of talent.

Chris spent 5 years in Deloitte's Future of Work strategy practice, helping Fortune 500 CEOs to innovate how they solve business challenges with open talent and upskilling experiments. After Deloitte, Chris led the Strategic Partnerships team at Feedback Loop, a product management research company which was acquired in 2022.

Jonathan cofounded America's first bike-share program in the early 2000's, then after his MBA went on to spend 7 years in PwC's digital strategy practice, working with Fortune 500 consumer and technology companies to accelerate digital transformations and launch new software products.