Apprenticeships for hiring early career talent

Talent Acquisition teams use Workback's platform to source, vet, and train junior hires for in-demand jobs that require reskilling, such as Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Product Management.

Teams use Workback to post open apprenticeship roles, source technical candidates, verify skills, interview, and hire for contingent full time roles.

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The Workback Apprentice Experience

6 month contract-to-hire jobs including on the job training and upskilling

Apprentices are the same, employment-wise, as internships - full time hires, designated at "interns", without benefits, on a 6 month contingent hiring agreement. Workback provides the sourcing, vetting, and onboarding back office layers to help make apprenticeship program administration easier and with better outcomes. Each week of apprenticeships is dedicated to on the job experiences, coaching, and supplemental courses.

The average starting salary for a Workback apprenticeship is $110,000 per year.

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Apprenticeships made easy

Workback provides the infrastructure for companies to more readily hire early career talent.

Software Engineering

Front End, Back End, and Full Stack specializing in REACT, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular, MongoDB, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Redux, Typescript, CSS, REST APIs, and more.

Data Analytics

Analysts, Data Engineers, and Machine Learning Associates with skills in data cleanup,  visualization, data analysis, data wrangling, machine learning, Python, R, SQL and more.

Product Management

Associate PMs and design operations professionals with skills in wireframing,  prototyping, and tools like Figma, Sketch, Invision, Balsamiq, Adobe, and Webflow.

Apprenticeships for the jobs of tomorrow

2022 Apprenticeship applications are now open for Data Analytics, and will soon reopen for Software Engineering and Product Management (UX).
Cohorts launch every 6 months with Workback company partners.

If you're seeking an apprenticeship, click Apply Now below to sign-up for the waitlist and we'll send you an invite when the next cohort's application window opens.

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What's included for Apprentices? 

On the Job Experiences

Opportunities for new graduates, mid-career talent, and career switchers to deploy the skills they've built

Apply your recently acquired technical skills and past work experiences to real on-the-job challenges and projects. Work with a team and learn by doing. Workback helps you define success metrics with your team and then gives you the support throughout to stay on track and hit your goals.

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Upskilling Suggestions

Your secret weapon for success

Workback provides apprentices (and their Managers) with personalized learning suggestions to help them to onboard faster, and succeed on the jobs by learning new and mission-critical skills.

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As an apprentice - you’ll be part of a community of peers with exclusive access to industry experts. Your cohort is there to help and keep you motivated - make connections that will grow with you throughout your career. Industry experts will drop in to the community for live events, share their advice, and host ask me anything discussions.

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Program Facts

Important Dates

December 15 - January 15

Application Window

January 15 - February 15

Company Acceptance and Preparation

March 15 - September 15


How It Works



Apprentices apply and are vetted through a 5-step application process including technical assessments, technical work samples, resume reviews, certification checks, and interviews


Matchmaking & Demo Day

Workback matches apprentices to host companies and schedules 'demo days' where apprentices and hiring teams get to meet and greet, including workers showing examples of what they've done before.


On the Job Experience

Apprentices are hired as full time W2 interns who do real work on real projects with a real team. Host companies provide apprentices a junior level job and stipend, and assign a manager-mentor and a peer-mentor to the Apprentice. There's just no substitute for on the job experiences if you want to learn and grow fast.


Supplemental Training & Coaching

Workback accelerates the Apprentice's growth and supplements the on the job experience through a unique combination of coaching and extracurriculars.

Apprentices come from top organizations including:

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